About us

Since 2012 we have been the official dealer of the Zazonginsky mine in Karelia, Russia. We buy the stone directly from Russia and our Shungite is certified. Shungite, also called Shungite or Shungite, is processed in Russia into beautiful products. Here you can see some photos of the production process and of the Zazhoginky mine where the stones are extracted.

The stones are selected with great care and all products are of high quality. They differ from each other in appearance. It may happen that a product is completely black, but also that there are veins running through it. That makes every product unique.

We have deliberately not placed our certificate on the site to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, there is a lot of counterfeit Shungite in circulation.

Watch our video to see how you can tell that you have “real” Shungite.

sertificat_sootvetstvia 1