The pyramid helps to protect you against geographical disturbances and electromagnetic radiation. Experimental data confirm that Shungit’s pyramid forms a shield against geographical phenomena that occur in nature due to faults of the earth’s crust, underground rivers, mineral deposits and other reasons. It was found that if a person is within the range of geographical rays in such an area, the body reacts to the attacks with inexplicable malaise, lethargy, headache, weakness. Another consequence is weakening of the immune system, there is disharmony, frequent manifestation of all kinds of diseases. Medical studies show that geographic radiation causes cardiovascular disease and up to 60% of cancers. The Pyramid of Shungite is one of the most effective remedies against geographic radiation. It can reduce the negative impact on the environment by neutralizing the geographical rays. People who stay close to the pyramid experience an increase in immunity, improvement in general health, become less nervous, tension disappears, as well as headaches, insomnia or stiff muscles. The Shungit pyramid is able to protect living and business areas against electromagnetic radiation from televisions, computers, microwaves, refrigerators and electrical appliances. In addition, the Shungit pyramid absorbs negative energy from jewelry, coins and other small objects. To increase effectiveness, the pyramid must be accurately placed in the right place, exactly on the North-South line. Use a compass for this, but pay attention to the deviations if there is a strong influence of metal structures in the building. The most accurate reading can be obtained if the compass is equidistant from the walls, ceiling and floor. Placing a pyramid is recommended in places where you spend more than an hour a day – next to the bed, your desk, near appliances, computers, etc. The pyramid should be placed at the same height as you and the distance depends on the pyramid large. For example, you can place a pyramid between you and the computer, TV and other devices, all sources of electromagnetic radiation. You can place a pyramid near the bed or close to your lounge chair. The presence of the Shungite pyramid in offices harmonizes the atmosphere. People suffer less from nervousness or frustration, and it increases efficiency. A pyramid next to a sick person’s bed will work on the patient’s inner energy, further promoting recovery. Placed on the student’s table, it will help with concentration. It is recommended to place the pyramid in the fresh air for at least an hour every two to three weeks for cleaning, to clean the stone and restore its protective properties. Pyramids of Shungit can be polished; the properties do not change, but they get a nice shiny appearance. The size and weight of the stones may differ slightly from each other.

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