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    Should Shungite be discharged?

    Yes, it is recommended to leave shungite outside for at least 24 hours during the new or full moon for discharge.

    Can I place a Shungite stone near the bed?

    Yes, Shungite works in the energy field around it.

    What is more powerful, a pyramid or a rough stone?

    The shape of the pyramid strengthens the effect of the stone. If the rough stone is much heavier than the pyramid, then its effect is stronger than the pyramid due to its weight.

    Shungite stones for the water, do they work indefinitely?

    No, when Shungite is in the water it ultimately releases all the substances into the water. It is best to replace regular black Shungite stones in water after about six months. You can then place them in the garden or near the plants. Noble Shungite (Antraksolite) can remain in the water indefinitely.

    Does the beneficial effect of Shungite work through the walls?

    It is best to place 1 large stone in 1 room or place 4 stones in the corners of the room.